Forest bioeconomy future catalogue

This future catalogue shows you the newest products and services of forest bioeconomy.

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Metsähallitus beats the State of Finland in promoting forest biodiversity and Sámi culture

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Press release: Forest Association, Teach & Learn

International Day of Forests: In Finland, thousands of children sow tree seeds to celebrate forests

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Forest state of mind

Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2017. The years of independence would've been totally different without forests and therefore we want to highlight their importance.

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Test what type of everyman you are!

Everyone have the right to enjoy the Finnish nature freely under the traditional Finnish legal concept known as everyman's right. Answer 10 questions and find out what type of everyman you are!

Read more is a gateway to forest information. Let us tell you about Finnish forests and the forest sector.

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Forest Academy for Decision-Makers

Forest Academy for Decision-Makers is a forest forum for decision-makers in all spheres of Finnish society, both in the forest sector and outside it, for politicians, authorities, business actors, the media, NGOs and ENGOs.

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Teach & Learn

Forests serve as an outstanding learning and teaching environment. We think that everyone shoudl have a basic understanding of this renewable resource. Forest sector offers interesting job opportunities for all kinds of people.

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What is Finnish Forest Association?

Finnish Forest Assoctiation is cooperation body for its members and stakeholders. The goal of the Forest Association is to communicate the possibilities forests can have in developing the society.

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