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Forest industry investments increased by fifth

Investments of Finnish forest industry increased by 22 percent last year, reaching the amount of EUR 948 million, tells the […]

Forest growth increases in Finland – timber stock is larger than ever

Preliminary results of the Finnish 12th National Forest Inventory from 2014–16 have been finalised. According to them, the timber stock […]

Jukolan viesti is the world’s biggest orienteering relay – teams from 19 countries gather to the woods of north Karelia

There are fewer roads and navigation is more challenging in the Finnish forests compared to where we come from, is […]

Urbanization demands creative solutions – use of wood allows cities to grow vertically

At least one in every four multi-storey buildings in the cities of Western countries are sturdy enough to bear additional […]

Give your vote for wood – Helsinki Challenge looks for solutions to the world’s problems

Which solutions will contribute to the sustainable development of the world? The Helsinki Challenge calls for new ideas and gives […]

Finnish innovation challenges plastic: New-generation paper bag fights against plastic waste in oceans

Millions of tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. Environmental damage would be reduced if the […]

Finnish Climate Change Panel: Using forests also produces climate benefits

Finnish researches want to bring clarity to the heated debate on the climate effects of the use of forests. The […]

Bio Era tour is a present from Finnish forest sector to young people in Finland

The Bio Era event tour, organised to celebrate Finland’s centennial year, is a review of the future of Finnish bioeconomy […]

Offsetting environmental losses may be possible in the future – but rules are needed for the market

The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is finalising a preliminary study on how losses in environmental values resulting from […]

Wood-based textiles are being developed in several Finnish projects ‒ huge market potential is in sight

If the annual increment of Finnish forests was transformed into textiles with the technologies under development, the production would only […]

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