Forest Academy

Over thousand persons have participated in Forest Academy courses in Finland since it was established in 1996. Photo: Saku Ruusila

Forest Academy for Decision-Makers is a course and discussion forum on forest issues, directed at top-level decision-makers and opinion leaders throughout the Finnish society. It is first and foremost a communication programme.

It aims at increasing the participants’ interest towards forest issues,  strengthen their abilities to understand and utilize the multiple potentials related to forests and increase the interaction between leaders and opinion makers from various sectors.

During the Forest Academy, all subjects are introduced by a leading experts and these are followed by interactive discussions during the seminar,  field trip and visits to forest sector production facilities.

Two courses are arranged every year in Finland, in May and September. In addition, follow-up seminars and excursions are arranged for those who have passed the Forest Academy.

Participants are personally invited by the letter signed by the Prime Minister.

Forest Academy for Decision-Makers: 20 years of experience

How to get your own Forest Academy?