How to get your own Forest Academy?

Forest Academy communication programme can be used to further societal communication in any subject or field. Photo Krista Kimmo.

The Forest Academy communication programme concept has been customized and is called ”Forest Academy – Programme for Increasing Dialogue on Forest in Society ”. So far, the Forest Academy communication concept has been sold to Latvia, Tanzania and Costa Rica.

The customized concept includes training for the personnel of the organization making preparations for their Forest Academy and a very detailed manual with a hundred pages. The manual is in English. The package also includes the possibility for the trained personnel to participate in one three-day field trip of a Forest Academy Finland course. Also, Finnish Forest Association experts are available for  remote consultation during the preparations for the first Forest Academy organized by the new host country.

The manual details step by step how to organize and arrange each part of the course from beginning to the end of the course. Subjects include, for example,  how to avoid mistakes, how to achieve a high profile for the Academy, what kind of team is needed in running the Academy and how to make a budget for the concept.

Despite the fact that in Finland the concept has been used to discuss forest sector issues, it can be used to further societal communication in any subject or field, both at home and abroad.

A brochure about the Academy is available in English.

Contact: Ms. Tiina Rytilä, Director of Forest Academy, +358 40 566 6649,

Why to buy the Forest Academy communication tool?

Produces social capital

      • Knowledge, trust and networks

Long-term communication program

      •  Not a seminar or a negotiation process

Uses a specific communication strategy and working methods

      • Based on almost 20 years of experience and development

Ready for implementation, avoidance of bottlenecks

      • Does not define target groups or substance
      • Applicable in different national conditions and topics

Needs strong support from key stakeholders in the forest sector

      • A pilot phase of at least 2 years and 3 to 4 forums