Natural resource planning makes use of ideas generated by stakeholders: ”Could serve as an example for others”

Thirty stakeholder groups participated in the use of state-owned lands and waters in Ostrobothnia, western Finland. Participants at the planning […]

Arbonaut created a ‘Forest Google’

The technology company Arbonaut has launched a web search engine named ArboTimber, which helps you to specify and search for […]

Astonishing spectrum of new forest products includes both high tech and solutions to everyday problems

New forest bioeconomy products are launched at a great rate. Quite a number of them are also good examples of […]

Paptic is planning to build a new paper machine as well – Kotkamills plans to construct its machine in Finland

Forest industry company Kotkamills has started to assess, whether it would be profitable to establish a new machine producing laminating […]

Timber lorries to collect road data – the aim is to monitor the condition of minor roads

The digitalisation of the road network is often thought of as something related to main roads alone. The forest sector, […]

Striving for better recovery, Tornator made a forecast of snow damage in forests

Modern technology is unable to prevent snow damage, but it is possible to learn to forecast it. Thanks to a […]

Protection of forest gene reserves requires active forest management

Harvesting is being planned in the gene reserve forest of Natural Resources Institute Finland in Lapinjärvi, southern Finland. Small-scale clearcutting […]

Finns’ relationship to forests is studied for the first time – findings also attract interest abroad

High expectations are placed on the new research study: some expect support to their own conceptions, while others hope for […]

Nature gift campaign: over 8,000 hectares of protected forests

The campaign My Nature Gift to the Centenarian Finland exceeded its target: all in all, family and other private forest […]

Wood U Make It Happen? – Finnish forest industry launches an innovation contest for students

In connection with the centennial celebrations of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, university students get to participate in an innovation […]

Study prods nature tourism to move forward – not even its popularity in exact figures is known

Nature tourism and revenue from it continue to be underrated. A study published last week on the future options to […]

Effects of changes in forestry and protection on nature in Finland will be clarified

The Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish Environment Institute have launched a research project to clarify, how the changes […]

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