Area of multiple-use forest decreases in Finland – harvesting allowed on ever smaller share of forests

Of the productive and poorly productive forests in Finland only three quarters are not subject to any restrictions of use. […]

If the Sahara was green – energy sector executive plans to save the planet by afforestation

Is it really possible to afforest a desert? Mika Anttonen, chairman of the energy company St1 has the programme, the […]

Multiple use of forests is no problem for Finnish Scouts – campfires and responsible forestry not mutually exclusive

The Scout Movement is known for its love of campfires and woodcraft, but what do scouts know about forestry? […]

Area of regeneration fellings has decreased for a long time in Finland

As forest bioeconomy increases, fears have been expressed that the area of clearcut forests increases significantly as well. In reality, […]

Protection target of biodiversity convention is exceeded in Finland – exact figures are being calculated

The biodiversity convention, known initially as the Nagoya convention, requires the participating countries to protect a minimum of 17 percent […]

More than four out of five Finnish trees are the result of natural regeneration

The results of the 11th National Forest Inventory are now at hand. This was the first time that the Natural […]

Harvesting may also improve the landscape – commercial forest may be more beautiful than a natural one

The value of forest landscapes may be increased by harvesting, especially if the forest is dense and untended. Dense young […]

Point of view: Goals of Paris climate agreement are reachable – but only if emissions decrease and sinks increase

If forest growth continued at today’s rate, it would take 23 years to increase the timber stock in Finnish forests […]

PEFC General Assembly in Finland – a first for a Nordic country

In connection with the assembly a series of events will be organised during the week of 13 to 17 November […]

VTT makes progress with testing recycled fibres – novel wood-based textiles are one step closer

The first fibres made of recycled cotton have been produced at the pilot factory of VTT Technical Research Centre of […]

Hundreds of euros per one kilo of wood – a wealth of products can be extracted from stumps

Spruce bark, stump and roots close to the stump contain substantial amounts of bioactive compounds which could be used to […]

Point of view: LULUCF – nightmare for sustainable forestry

The forest states in the European Union are finding it increasingly difficult to grasp why the EU is setting out […]

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