Freestyle forest management challenges wrangles over logging methods – why not manage forest stands in the way that makes best sense?

Forest researcher Timo Pukkala would actually prefer not to use the terms continuous-cover or periodical when speaking about silviculture. “If […]

Clearcutting produces more timber – straightforward comparison of the profitability of forestry methods is not possible

Switching over to continuous-cover silviculture means that many forestry innovations, such as the selective breeding of seeds and seedlings, cannot […]

Marc Palahí of the European Forest Institute: The EU needs ambitious, strategic approach to forest policy

Marc Palahí, Director of the European Forest Institute EFI, considers lack of understanding a great challenge for a strategic discussion […]

New Wood competition searches for wood-based solutions to mankind’s questions again

The third New Wood competition was launched on the 6th June in a seminar in Helsinki, Finland. Entries for the […]

Continuous-cover silviculture produces top quality pine – profitability requires more study

The quality of the best Scots pine butt logs from continuous-cover forests is so high that market demand for it […]

Nature values were well taken into consideration in the majority of loggings

According to a nature management evaluation carried out by the Finnish Forest Centre, the quality of the management was good […]

Decline in forest disputes may turn into a rise due to increasing bioeconomy

The number of forest conflicts in Finland has gone down in the last ten years. Yet there is an increase […]

Ecology does not need to prevent clearcutting

There is no reason to label clearcutting as poor ecology, even though continuous-cover silviculture could be increased in Finland. ” […]

New company takes responsibility of textile innovation of Metsä Fibre

Metsä Group has established a new company to develop wood-based products. Metsä Spring company starts by taking responsibility of the […]

Competition to improve the use of open forest data – winner to be chosen this weekend

The data gathered from Finnish forests is among the best in the world, but so far it has not found […]

Impact of FSC grows stronger in Finnish forests – leverage from risks of non-certified wood

Most often the supply of certified wood on the market is insufficient for the production of goods that would consist […]

Point of view: Price of ecological decisions should be transparent to forest owner

While good and useful, the report published last week by WWF Finland on responsible forestry does not fulfil its promise, […]

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