Nature tourism enters commercial forests – visitors interested in forestry and uses of wood

A new contract model brings nature tourists into commercial forests. For nature tourism operators, it involves a substantially smaller risk […]

The best Christmas tree is one you fetch from the forest yourself – Geocaching makes it more exciting waded through a thick layer of snow in a spruce forest, locating a particular Christmas tree by GPS coordinates. […]

Certification of timber chain of custody expanding in Finland – increasing number of small enterprises ensure use of sustainable wood

Group certification can be used to show the origin of wood, making the chain-of-custody certification easier for small companies. The […]

Ceiling for nature gift campaign was removed – close to 6,000 hectares will be protected

The 1,800-hectare ceiling in the forest protection campaign celebrating Finland’s centenary has been removed. The idea to remove the ceiling […]

Finland’s future is sustainable and responsible – bio-vision of Finnish youth was received by Prime Minister

If young people were allowed to decide, Finland in 2117 would be an international and democratic country with a real […]

100,000 hectares of new forest land in Finland

Due to the damages caused by stroms for power lines, electricity companies are moving the lines underneath or along roadsides. […]

Value of Finland’s forests has soared, contrary to that of forest industry – solution lies in new products instead of “pulp chauvinism”

The share of bioeconomy of the value added created by Finnish economy has remained stable since 2011, despite a decrease […]

Three out of four Finns accept planned increase of harvests – excessive fellings are supported most in the capital region

Finns consider that forestry in Finland is sustainable, as was revealed by an opinion poll commissioned by the newspaper Maaseudun […]

From ensuring quality of activities to data brokering – the new future of forest certification

New technologies and big data will revolutionize forest certification – if we so decide. In the future, the openness of […]

Area of multiple-use forest decreases in Finland – harvesting allowed on ever smaller share of forests

Of the productive and poorly productive forests in Finland only three quarters are not subject to any restrictions of use. […]

If the Sahara was green – energy sector executive plans to save the planet by afforestation

Is it really possible to afforest a desert? Mika Anttonen, chairman of the energy company St1 has the programme, the […]

Multiple use of forests is no problem for Finnish Scouts – campfires and responsible forestry not mutually exclusive

The Scout Movement is known for its love of campfires and woodcraft, but what do scouts know about forestry? […]

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