3D simulation allows you to visit present and future forests from the comfort of your home

A 3D simulation modelling forests has been developed in the Joensuu Science Park. The state forest company Metsähallitus needed a […]

Finland’s largest bioproduct mill has started its operation

The largest forest industry investment ever in Finland, and perhaps in the whole Europe, has started its operation in Äänekoski, […]

Sweden celebrates Finland’s centennial with grants for forest research

As part of Sweden’s gift to honour Finland’s centennial, a research grant totalling EUR 2,7 million will be opened for […]

Present for Finland: Close to 600 hectares of forest protected so far

Finns appear to be reaching the target set for gifts of protected forests to honour the country’s centennial. At the […]

Wow! This road show is chock full of great bioeconomy innovations

The Finnish Forest Sector’s present to centenarian Finland is brilliant: a science centre exhibition mounted on a lorry to tour […]

Point of view: Sustainability indicators for nature use must be developed

The urban see them through the window of a plane. The brave dare to wander beyond the asphalt and embrace […]

Metsä Tissue – the largest publisher of poetry in Finland?

Toilet rolls have been decorated with all manner of different pictures, with portraits of unpopular politicians springing readily to mind. […]

Finland’s timber trade went digital – new e-market is a joint effort of the entire forest sector

With the help of a new online service, all the timber available in Finnish private forests can be sold in […]

Forest industry investments increased by fifth

Investments of Finnish forest industry increased by 22 percent last year, reaching the amount of EUR 948 million, tells the […]

Forest growth increases in Finland – timber stock is larger than ever

Preliminary results of the Finnish 12th National Forest Inventory from 2014–16 have been finalised. According to them, the timber stock […]

Jukolan viesti is the world’s biggest orienteering relay – teams from 19 countries gather to the woods of north Karelia

There are fewer roads and navigation is more challenging in the Finnish forests compared to where we come from, is […]

Urbanization demands creative solutions – use of wood allows cities to grow vertically

At least one in every four multi-storey buildings in the cities of Western countries are sturdy enough to bear additional […]

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