Open knowledge and new legislation to boost circular economy – wood ash as an active substance for fertilization and forestry road renovations

To manage the leap from fossil to circular economy, even the sidestreams of the forest industry must be used more […]

Hundreds of thousands of snags created for species depending on decayed wood

With growing volumes of logging, the conservation of biodiversity will be an increasingly important part of forestry. Standing dead or […]

Maria Brockhaus: Research generates knowledge, sometimes even awkward

“You cannot buy independent research, but you should invest in it,” says Maria Brockhaus, the professor of international forest policy […]

Winners of New Tree competition demonstrate how bioeconomy resolves global challenges

The solutions entered in the New Tree bioeconomy competition ranged from a product developed to treat urinary and prostate symptoms […]

Time travel through Finnish bioeconomy takes you from Ice Age to future

A new online application shows how strongly forests have always been part of Finland’s history and development. The Havina learning […]

Point of view: BirdLife’s Black Book of Bioenergy – a disservice to sustainable forestry

By its Black Book of Bioenergy report, BirdLife International not only fails to make use of the trust in its […]

Co-operation to make forest education more attractive – new experts for the field

In the future, more educated forest experts will be needed in Finland. The recently established Forest Education Association will bring […]

A Story for Christmas: Adventures of the Seven Carbon Brothers

The sustainable use of the vast northern forests has an enormous and positive role in the fight against climate change. […]

Co-operation to produce innovations in the northern forest

The tiny town of Kuhmo finds itself at the core of Finland’s national bioeconomy strategy. New, eco-friendly ways to upgrade […]

Finnish forest sector grows in many areas – output is largest near capital region

The output of the forest sector in monetary terms is the largest in the Uusimaa region surrounding the capital. In […]

How to build eco-friendly and local: A showpiece from Eastern Finland

A new school centre constructed in Kuhmo is the first one in Finland to be built from CLT and a […]

Endangered forest species fare better than others – some indicators suggest situation may even be improving

“Changes in the endangeredness index of forests show that the extensive measures to improve forest biodiversity in connection with forestry […]

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