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New company takes responsibility of textile innovation of Metsä Fibre

Metsä Group has established a new company to develop wood-based products. Metsä Spring company starts by taking responsibility of the […]

Competition to improve the use of open forest data – winner to be chosen this weekend

The data gathered from Finnish forests is among the best in the world, but so far it has not found […]

Impact of FSC grows stronger in Finnish forests – leverage from risks of non-certified wood

Most often the supply of certified wood on the market is insufficient for the production of goods that would consist […]

Point of view: Price of ecological decisions should be transparent to forest owner

While good and useful, the report published last week by WWF Finland on responsible forestry does not fulfil its promise, […]

Climate change increases storm damage in forests – Finnish researchers develop a map to predict damage

The aim of the Myrskypuu (Storm wood) project is to develop an open, free-of-charge and detailed map of wind damage […]

Professor Pekka Kauppi: Forest use must be examined over a long period

During the confusing and populistic LULUCF debate in 2017, conceptions used to argue for restrictions of forest use were not […]

150 million euros granted for forest research – joint investment by Sweden and Finland

Finland and Sweden are establishing a joint five-year research programme on forest bioeconomy. The value of the programme is EUR […]

Forestry methods continue to develop – corridor thinning is the next innovation

Finns have used intermediate felling to improve the growth of forests for at least a hundred years. However, the method […]

Metsähallitus categorised state-owned commercial forests to combat climate change – the world’s first climate-wise forest classification

The Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus has published its principles for climate-wise forestry. The company only needs to change the […]

The most valuable wood is sold by weight – curly birch deals are not often seen in Finland

The Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus recently sold some 50,000 kilos of curly birch. The price varied from a couple […]

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