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Freestyle forest management challenges wrangles over logging methods – why not manage forest stands in the way that makes best sense?

Forest researcher Timo Pukkala would actually prefer not to use the terms continuous-cover or periodical when speaking about silviculture. “If […]

Case Forest Academy Mozambique: Raising awareness and building cooperation on the sustainable management of the Inhaca archipelago

Forest Academy was recently launched in Mozambique, when the first course was organized at the Inhaca Island, situated in the […]

Clearcutting produces more timber – straightforward comparison of the profitability of forestry methods is not possible

Switching over to continuous-cover silviculture means that many forestry innovations, such as the selective breeding of seeds and seedlings, cannot […]

Marc Palahí of the European Forest Institute: The EU needs ambitious, strategic approach to forest policy

Marc Palahí, Director of the European Forest Institute EFI, considers lack of understanding a great challenge for a strategic discussion […]

New Wood competition searches for wood-based solutions to mankind’s questions again

The third New Wood competition was launched on the 6th June in a seminar in Helsinki, Finland. Entries for the […]

Continuous-cover silviculture produces top quality pine – profitability requires more study

The quality of the best Scots pine butt logs from continuous-cover forests is so high that market demand for it […]

Nature values were well taken into consideration in the majority of loggings

According to a nature management evaluation carried out by the Finnish Forest Centre, the quality of the management was good […]

Decline in forest disputes may turn into a rise due to increasing bioeconomy

The number of forest conflicts in Finland has gone down in the last ten years. Yet there is an increase […]

Ecology does not need to prevent clearcutting

There is no reason to label clearcutting as poor ecology, even though continuous-cover silviculture could be increased in Finland. ” […]

New company takes responsibility of textile innovation of Metsä Fibre

Metsä Group has established a new company to develop wood-based products. Metsä Spring company starts by taking responsibility of the […]

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