Restoration of forest brook preserves whole habitat – but will it bring back the lampreys?

Finland is called the land of a thousand lakes and it definitely also has thousands of small water bodies such […]

Management by fire increases forest biodiversity

When you smell smoke in a Finnish forest, it is fortunately not always a forest fire, but a controlled burning […]

Point of view: Finnish forest will stand the course

”By now I have explained several times over the problem with the ecological sustainability of Finnish forests,” said Mr. Jussi […]

Forest sector is developing tools for nature management – Protection of endangered species as model in Multi-Forest project

Nature management is part of everyday forestry work. Now, the Multi-Forest project aims at consolidating the use of tried and […]

Only one in every four applicants for forest owners’ environmental aid will receive it – old contracts on equal footing with new ones

For this year, the Finnish Forest Centre can only use EUR 1 million for environmental aid contracts with forest owners. […]

Habitat banking for Siberian flying squirrel? One in five forest owners interested

The protection of biodiversity mostly attracts young and educated owners of large forest holdings. Every fifth Finnish family forest owner […]

Ecosystem services increase the value of pulp

Every tree in the forest is part of the ecosystem services, mean, that it is one of the benefits we […]