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A group of scientist: forest bioeconomy criticism has too narrow perspective

”Considering market realities, sustainable forest management requirements and existing regulations around bioenergy, we do not expect to see a paradigm […]

100,000 hectares of new forest land in Finland

Due to the damages caused by stroms for power lines, electricity companies are moving the lines underneath or along roadsides. […]

Point of view: Goals of Paris climate agreement are reachable – but only if emissions decrease and sinks increase

If forest growth continued at today’s rate, it would take 23 years to increase the timber stock in Finnish forests […]

Point of view: LULUCF – nightmare for sustainable forestry

The forest states in the European Union are finding it increasingly difficult to grasp why the EU is setting out […]

Forest growth increases in Finland – timber stock is larger than ever

Preliminary results of the Finnish 12th National Forest Inventory from 2014–16 have been finalised. According to them, the timber stock […]

Finnish Climate Change Panel: Using forests also produces climate benefits

Finnish researches want to bring clarity to the heated debate on the climate effects of the use of forests. The […]

A Story for Christmas: Adventures of the Seven Carbon Brothers

The sustainable use of the vast northern forests has an enormous and positive role in the fight against climate change. […]

New research report – increased loggings do not endanger Finland’s forest carbon sink

According to a new report by the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the carbon sink in Finnish forests will be sustained […]

The annual growth of Finnish forests could be 150 million cubic metres

Information on the options for increasing the growth potential of forests will be collected on a nationwide scale by the […]

Forests play major role as carbon sink – European forested countries appeal to EU Commission

Together with other forested member states of the European Union, Finland has sent a letter to the Commission to ensure […]