climate change

A group of scientist: forest bioeconomy criticism has too narrow perspective

”Considering market realities, sustainable forest management requirements and existing regulations around bioenergy, we do not expect to see a paradigm […]

If the Sahara was green – energy sector executive plans to save the planet by afforestation

Is it really possible to afforest a desert? Mika Anttonen, chairman of the energy company St1 has the programme, the […]

Point of view: Goals of Paris climate agreement are reachable – but only if emissions decrease and sinks increase

If forest growth continued at today’s rate, it would take 23 years to increase the timber stock in Finnish forests […]

Point of view: LULUCF – nightmare for sustainable forestry

The forest states in the European Union are finding it increasingly difficult to grasp why the EU is setting out […]

Finnish Climate Change Panel: Using forests also produces climate benefits

Finnish researches want to bring clarity to the heated debate on the climate effects of the use of forests. The […]

Point of view: The Nordic forests – our trump card for climate work

Finland and Sweden should set a common strategic goal: to further increase forest growth, so that both timber stocks and […]

Willow to become a climate pioneer – biochar for soil improvement, composting and industrial filtration

What would you think about a flowerbed consisting only of crushed stone and biochar? The City of Stockholm, the capital […]

A Story for Christmas: Adventures of the Seven Carbon Brothers

The sustainable use of the vast northern forests has an enormous and positive role in the fight against climate change. […]

New research report – increased loggings do not endanger Finland’s forest carbon sink

According to a new report by the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the carbon sink in Finnish forests will be sustained […]

Forests play major role as carbon sink – European forested countries appeal to EU Commission

Together with other forested member states of the European Union, Finland has sent a letter to the Commission to ensure […]

Having your forest cake the right way allows it to grow

Increasing the area of forests as well as the number of trees and their stem size will accelerate forest growth. […]

”Unilateral EU decision won’t save the climate”

The costs of Finnish forest industries threaten to increase by an amount equivalent to 16-37 percent of their annual payroll, […]