forest certification

From ensuring quality of activities to data brokering – the new future of forest certification

New technologies and big data will revolutionize forest certification – if we so decide. In the future, the openness of […]

PEFC General Assembly in Finland – a first for a Nordic country

In connection with the assembly a series of events will be organised during the week of 13 to 17 November […]

Point of view: Forest certification ensures confusion instead of sustainability

Isn’t it high time to reveal the truth about the emperor’s clothes, in order that consumers could make their choices […]

First EU sanctions in illegal timber trade – Finland relies on advisory activity

Criticized as ineffective, the European Union Timber Regulation is beginning to produce results. In Finland, penalties have not been required. […]

PEFC defines the level of Finnish forestry

The PEFC forest certification covers almost all commercial forests and sets the most demanding criteria for forestry in Finland. This […]

New guidelines for FSC certification

New FSC guidelines are important for Finland as well, although few Finnish forests are certified under it. The FSC forest […]

A certification auditor checks documents and felling sites alike

Monitoring compliance with certification criteria means field trips and deskwork. Compliance with criteria in effect since beginning of 2011 is […]