Forest Speaks

Schoolkid trainees offer useful potential for employers

Pupils in Finnish lower secondary schools participate in a couple of weeks’ work experience as part of their school work […]

“Top leaders of forest sector must commit to communicate with youth”

At an event organised to evaluate the Forest Speaks project, the question was raised whether the forest sector and its […]

The world leaves its traces in Finnish forests

The best texts sent to the Forest Traces writing competition showed that the rest of the world is entering not […]

Forest sector campaign to visit schools thought up by school kids themselves

Forest professionals will visit over 300 schools this autumn to present the sector and their work. The campaign is based […]

Young people in forest sector believe in its future

Young people who have chosen to study or work in the forest sector feel significantly more positive about the sector […]

Demand for forests will increase sharply in the future

Protecting forests will save them, but using forests sustainably can save the world, was the message at the Finnish opening […]

Variety of people and professions in forest sector surprised summer helps

Three teenagers make videos to present the forest sector professions and people as their summer job, for use in the […]