Multiple use of forests is no problem for Finnish Scouts – campfires and responsible forestry not mutually exclusive

The Scout Movement is known for its love of campfires and woodcraft, but what do scouts know about forestry? […]

Harvesting may also improve the landscape – commercial forest may be more beautiful than a natural one

The value of forest landscapes may be increased by harvesting, especially if the forest is dense and untended. Dense young […]

PEFC General Assembly in Finland – a first for a Nordic country

In connection with the assembly a series of events will be organised during the week of 13 to 17 November […]

Point of view: BirdLife’s Black Book of Bioenergy – a disservice to sustainable forestry

By its Black Book of Bioenergy report, BirdLife International not only fails to make use of the trust in its […]

Finnish forest sector grows in many areas – output is largest near capital region

The output of the forest sector in monetary terms is the largest in the Uusimaa region surrounding the capital. In […]

Believe it or not – ten amazing facts about mechanized timber harvesting

There are many beliefs concerning mechanized timber harvesting – and many of them are negative. In reality, however, things are […]

Asylum seekers as lumberjacks in Finnish winter forest

An Evangelical-Lutheran parish in Southern Finland decided to give asylum seekers useful work by teaching them how to carry out […]

The annual growth of Finnish forests could be 150 million cubic metres

Information on the options for increasing the growth potential of forests will be collected on a nationwide scale by the […]

Attempts to harmonize forestry and land use planning – new dispute about flying squirrel

After removal of the legal requirement to establish the boundaries of areas where Siberian flying squirrels are found, special landscaping […]

100 hectares are enough for profitable Jointly Owned Forest

Forest owners are encouraged to set up Jointly Owned Forests to improve the sustainability of forest management and to bring […]

Airship to tend seedling stands in smart forests of the future

In just a few years it may be possible to see airships managing seedling stands by pollarding or removing the […]

GPS-collared elks help find damaged seedling stands

The elk (Alces alces) is the worst threat to seedlings in Finnish forests. Combining the data on damage location with […]

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