Study prods nature tourism to move forward – not even its popularity in exact figures is known

Nature tourism and revenue from it continue to be underrated. A study published last week on the future options to […]

Three out of four Finns accept planned increase of harvests – excessive fellings are supported most in the capital region

Finns consider that forestry in Finland is sustainable, as was revealed by an opinion poll commissioned by the newspaper Maaseudun […]

Area of multiple-use forest decreases in Finland – harvesting allowed on ever smaller share of forests

Of the productive and poorly productive forests in Finland only three quarters are not subject to any restrictions of use. […]

Area of regeneration fellings has decreased for a long time in Finland

As forest bioeconomy increases, fears have been expressed that the area of clearcut forests increases significantly as well. In reality, […]

Harvesting may also improve the landscape – commercial forest may be more beautiful than a natural one

The value of forest landscapes may be increased by harvesting, especially if the forest is dense and untended. Dense young […]

Believe it or not – ten amazing facts about mechanized timber harvesting

There are many beliefs concerning mechanized timber harvesting – and many of them are negative. In reality, however, things are […]

Programme for biodiversity work from forest industry – new incentive for protection

Because state funding for biodiversity work in Finnish forests is decreasing, the Government encourages the forest sector to increase its […]

Researchers: Harvesting can be increased sustainably – if nature management is not forgotten

According to researchers, the nature management needed includes increasing decayed wood by leaving retention trees and other methods, controlled burning […]