Metsähallitus categorised state-owned commercial forests to combat climate change – the world’s first climate-wise forest classification

The Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus has published its principles for climate-wise forestry. The company only needs to change the […]

The most valuable wood is sold by weight – curly birch deals are not often seen in Finland

The Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus recently sold some 50,000 kilos of curly birch. The price varied from a couple […]

Natural resource planning makes use of ideas generated by stakeholders: ”Could serve as an example for others”

Thirty stakeholder groups participated in the use of state-owned lands and waters in Ostrobothnia, western Finland. Participants at the planning […]

Metsähallitus beats the State of Finland in promoting forest biodiversity and Sámi culture

Finland’s state forest enterprise Metsähallitus used EUR 56 million to promote forest biodiversity, recreational use of forests, reindeer herding and […]

Loss of ”great northern forest” smallest in Finland, says Greenpeace

The country that fares worst in the estimate is Russia: according to Greenpeace, it is responsible for half of the […]

Giant broom – or is it?

It looks like a ten-metre broom, standing in the middle of a forest. What can this be? The “Broom pine” […]

Largest lorry in western Europe to start operating in Finnish Lapland

Ketosen Kuljetus, a company transporting timber for the state forest company Metsähallitus, is to start testing a 104-tonne timber lorry. […]

Finns have utilised their forests since the Stone Age

Finnish forests conceal traces of 10,000 years of human activity. The Finnish state-owned forestry company Metsähallitus is inventorying the cultural […]

”Metsähallitus complies with Government decisions”

Mr. Esa Härmälä, General Director of the Finnish state-owned forestry company Metsähallitus, is not against expanding the network of national […]

Lightness of sparse forest is sought on forest pastures

An old cultural landscape had been reclaimed by forest. Well thought-out fellings and grazing help bring back the openness and […]