Secret of success in sustainable forestry: Finnish family forestry

Making use of our forests can save the world. Finnish family forest owners know how to use theirs. The above […]

Record number of white-backed woodpecker in Finland – many endangered forest species doing well

Good news from Finnish forests: many endangered species are doing better, thanks to protection efforts and improved forest management. In […]

It’s all organic: Finns could certify almost all picking areas of wild berries

Up to 99 per cent of Finland’s forests could be certified as organic. Even now, Lapland is the world’s largest […]

Management by fire increases forest biodiversity

When you smell smoke in a Finnish forest, it is fortunately not always a forest fire, but a controlled burning […]

Gene reserve forests are needed because of climate change

The purpose of gene reserve forests is to conserve the genetic variability of tree species, which is an important aspect […]

100 hectares are enough for profitable Jointly Owned Forest

Forest owners are encouraged to set up Jointly Owned Forests to improve the sustainability of forest management and to bring […]

Airship to tend seedling stands in smart forests of the future

In just a few years it may be possible to see airships managing seedling stands by pollarding or removing the […]

Fetching a spruce on a Christmas tree safari

Candles twinkle in a Christmas tree in every second Finnish home. Traditionally, Finns get their Christmas tree from their own […]

How to make your forest attractive to game

Leaving thickets and clumps of blueberries in the forest could attract grouse and other game animals. “Game-Friendly Forestry” became profitable […]