Point of view: Sustainability indicators for nature use must be developed

The urban see them through the window of a plane. The brave dare to wander beyond the asphalt and embrace […]

From forest to kitchen: the surprising number of certificates for wood

The origin of the product, traceability and environmental values are important for consumers when it comes to food. Similarly, products […]

It’s all organic: Finns could certify almost all picking areas of wild berries

Up to 99 per cent of Finland’s forests could be certified as organic. Even now, Lapland is the world’s largest […]

First Nordic PEFC-certified block of flats in Seinäjoki Housing Fair

The five-storey block of flats achieved the PEFC Project Certification, which proves that the wood material of the building is […]

A certification auditor checks documents and felling sites alike

Monitoring compliance with certification criteria means field trips and deskwork. Compliance with criteria in effect since beginning of 2011 is […]