sustainable forestry

Study prods nature tourism to move forward – not even its popularity in exact figures is known

Nature tourism and revenue from it continue to be underrated. A study published last week on the future options to […]

Researchers: Harvesting can be increased sustainably – if nature management is not forgotten

According to researchers, the nature management needed includes increasing decayed wood by leaving retention trees and other methods, controlled burning […]

Exporting communication: Finnish Forest Academy goes Mozambique

The Forest Academy, a programme for increasing dialogue on forest in society and highlighting the role of forests in sustainable […]

100 hectares are enough for profitable Jointly Owned Forest

Forest owners are encouraged to set up Jointly Owned Forests to improve the sustainability of forest management and to bring […]

PEFC is tool number one in forest biodiversity conservation in Finland

Revision of the standard on the PEFC forest certification system in Finland is an option for PEFC itself, as well […]