13th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2018

02.10.2018 - 05.10.2018
Pudasjärvi Hirsikampus and activity centre Pikku-Syöte

Welcome to the 13th European Forest Pedagogics congress in October 2018!

The congress will be arranged in northern Finland at the Hirsikampus, Pudasjärvi, Syöte Visitor Centre and activity center Pikku-Syöte (also accomodation). We are expecting to have about hundred participants from over 10 different countries around Europe.  The 3 days programme is going to include interesting seminars and workshops, both from foreign participants and from Finland. The workshop proposals will be collected during the coming months. The congress is arranged together with Finnish Forest Association and the Finnish 4H

The European Forest Pedagogics is a European wide forum for information and communication about forest pedagogy. Last year the 12th congress was arranged in Milovy, Czech Republic. For more information about the last year congress see forestpedagogics.eu. Last time Finland was hosting the annual congress was in 2010.

For detailed programme and registration follow the webpage of the congress.  The registration will open in May. For more information please contact Finnish Forest Association, suvi.pessala@smy.fi, tel 045 6575 442.